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"I wash my car once a week.  In the real estate business, you always want to make a good impression and keeping a clean car is important.  I really appreciate how clean the wash bays and vacuum areas are and the staff is very professional.  I look forward to going there each week.  Keep up the good work." - Jeramy V.  (Woodinville, WA)

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"With a new Mercedes GLS SUV, I am very choosy about where I wash my car and Blue Dolphin has become my new best friend.  The special brushes made of soft foam material are gentle on my paint while still doing a good job cleaning.  Thanks Blue Dolphin."   Tanya F. (Woodinville WA)

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Blue Dolphin's 'roll-over hybrid wash' is preferred to hand-wash for 99% of consumers. PLUS our full-time maintenance technicians help ensure our equipment is always working at its best!

See frequently asked questions section to learn more and compare to hand-wash...

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istobal washes lamborghini