Blue Dolphin commits to Istobal carwash technology

Istobal was founded in 1950 and is still a family run business today.  With over 800 employees in 10 subsidiaries spread across 75 countries, Istobal is truly a worldwide organization.  A Leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of commercial car wash equipment, Istobal is known for their innovation and focus on service.  Blue Dolphin chose Istobal equipment because of our shared commitment to Eco-Friendly products, water conservation, user friendly interface, and customer service excellence.  We are proud to provide this quality carwash experience to our customers!

It’s just a matter of flexibility

Our wash system has a combination of contour rotating top and oscillating side high pressure components. The Link-FoamTM brushes are made from the same foam material used in the Istobal machines at the Ferrari and Lamborghini manufacturing plants.  Blue Dolphin only brings you the best!

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I am so happy to discover you (Blue Dolphin) on Paradise Lake Rd, as I drive by regularly when visiting my brother-in-law.  I am usually in a hurry but swinging through your wash is a breeze.  I really like that you have 3 options for my wash.  I used to go to the ‘do it yourself’ place but I hate getting wet. I much prefer to stay in my car! - Raelene T. (Bothell, WA)

Not sure when you guys got started but you are a great addition to my commute.  I drive hwy 522 every day for work.  I’m in construction so my truck sees heavy use, with regular washing I always arrive at a jobsite in good order.  - Garrett K. (Monroe, WA)


"With a new Mercedes GLS SUV, I am very choosy about where I wash my car and Blue Dolphin has become my new best friend.  The special brushes made of soft foam material are gentle on my paint while still doing a good job cleaning.  Thanks Blue Dolphin." Tanya F. (Woodinville WA)


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"I wash my car once a week.  In the real estate business, you always want to make a good impression and keeping a clean car is important.  I really appreciate how clean the wash bays and vacuum areas are and the staff is very professional.  I look forward to going there each week.  Keep up the good work." - Jeramy V. (Woodinville, WA)