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See what our customer say about our service and car wash! If you have any questions or would like to leave a review please send us a message or review us on Google. We would love to know what do you think about us!
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What OUR Customers Say

Jessica Rossi
02:09 19 Jun 19
Car washes are such a treat to go through!! Soap smells great! The kid that runs the car wash is super sweet!! Very kind and courteous! Helpful too! Keep up the good work!! (We'll keep tippin'?)
Holly C
23:48 13 Sep 19
I have to give a HUGE shout out to the manager Amanda here!!! She went above and beyond for the customer which is rarely seen nowadays. An incident occurred which caused me to be very upset and stressed. She handled it with such professionalism, even when I wasn't being the nicest lol. I wish more people were like her!
Justin Rank
14:04 28 Oct 19
Great wash, but can never get the credit card machine to work. Been there 2-3 times with no cash and had to leave with no wash.
Jens Peitersen
16:50 18 Sep 19
Gets the job done, brushes are silicone, kind of rough, pretty noisy. NOT open for washing 24 hours. Nice covered area for vacuuming and interior work.
Jessie R
15:30 22 Oct 19
Love going through the car wash with my hunny!!
Jennifer Fosters
08:09 15 Nov 19
Edit: 11-14-10 changed my 1 star to 4 stars for excellent customer service. I recieved a personal call from the regional manager who sent someone to look at the machines and offered to replace my $4 in tokens. She was very appreciative of the information and I will DEFINITELY go again next week to vacuum and wash my minivan. The advertised price for vacuuming your car is one token $1 equals one token. It cost me two tokens to vacuum my car for 5 minutes. I needed more time so had to add an additional token but needed another one (2 more). I've driven by this place many times and haven't stopped before today. I did call the advertised phone number if there was a problem or question and so far have not gotten a response I will update my opinion of this business as soon as I get a response.
Adonis Del Valle
07:03 19 Jan 20
Fast service that gets the job done. In and out in like 2 minutes
Stephanie Van Cleef
20:38 11 Dec 20
Clean well maintained car wash. Safe location, friendly staff, cleaned my car alot better than other automatic car washes have.
Bruce Crist
00:23 26 Oct 20
Easy in, easy out. Does a nice job on my pickup, although it's a tight fit.
Tom Schierberl
01:57 25 Oct 20
Great location and an easy, self serve automated process. Totally contact free, nice during a pandemic!
Barbara Reichart
22:43 19 Jul 20
Excellent and quick car wash! We got the Diamond Wash and were very excited afterwards to use our token to choose a custom finish item! With COVID-19, we also appreciated that it was a contact-free experience
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Blue Dolphin Car Wash currently has 2 locations Kennewick WA and Woodinville WA. The first location opened in 2017. We at Blue Dolphin care deeply about our friends within the communities we serve, as well as offering the best results and customer service.
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21525 Bostian Road
Woodinville, WA 98077
Open Daily 7am-10pm
2001 N Steptoe St
Kennewick, WA 99336
Open 24/7
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